This Just In (Twitter) | Twitter Is Down

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The good-morning application currently everyone’s favorite is down.  This started today at 9:13AM PDT, and was acknowldged by the company shortly thereafter.  

Site is down 18 minutes ago

We are determining the cause and will provide an update shortly.


So what are people to do?


The resultant rush to Facebook has slowed down, and in some cased broke, that site.   AJAX error and network errors are multiplying….

And of course… Flickr has slowed down substanitally, and IM networks, especially Yahoo! IM has slowed down.   I wonder what it does to "real" phone lines – cellular or otherwise.

More on this as it develops….


UPDATE at 11:15 EDT:


Twitter is officially under a DDoS:


Site is down 1 hour ago

We are determining the cause and will provide an update shortly.

Update: we are defending against a denial-of-service attack.


In a related note:  Amazon’s cluster in Washington State and the San Jose Verio Cluster are both much slower than usual.  I wonder what that means to AWS Cloud users


Update:  11:20 AM… A friend just asked me if it is Cyberwar.   No.  It is Cyberbull.  (TM)


Update: 11:42 AM  Twitter is up.  Slow, but up.

Update: 17:00 OM… I just saw the New York Times publishing an article suggesting that the attack on Twitter et al was from Russia and a part of last year’s conflict with Georgia.



Show me the proof.


I am just waiting to see someone blaming IRAN for it, as a pay back for Twitter’s role.




10:03 PM EDT Update:  The Register’s Dan Gooding, a fantastic righter that I enjoy, put out this article advancing the theory that the attacks were a) Russian in nature and b)  well… I will let you see his words:

"This was not like a botnet-style DDoS," Woodcock told The Register. "This was a joejob where people were just clicking on links in email and the people clicking on the links were not malefactors. They were just the sort of idiots that click on links in email without knowing what they are."

While, in theory, that is possible, I find it so unlikely as to be laughable.   Imagine all those poor Russian hitting links at the very same time and generating attacks.   Roll eyes.

In addition, to claim that the Internet is fragile enough to allow attacks on the mention of ONE INDIVIDUAL’s blog to bring down some of the biggest bandwidth sites on the web is….. what’s the word…. foolish.


I could be wrong, but since I am already disagreeing with Evgeny (here), I feel fairly certain I am correct.


10:47  It seems to be happening AGAIN.  Both Twitter and LiveJournal are down.   And please none of that cyberbull about Russians getting busy again.





Apple Just Doesn’t Get It | Apple and Security

Apple doesn’t believe in Security?

As I said nearly two months ago, in my blog post here, "I am concerned about the attitude by Apple which suggests complete laxity, and indeed, abhorrence, of the concept of Information security."  I also pointed out that at hitting the milemark of 40 million iPhones, Apple is now positioned to become a major, sexy, target for computer hackers and malefactors.

As I feared by stating

"Oh, what happens if (or when) a Cracker finds that code or connects remotely to your cell/wifi enabled phone and does the trick for you?"

Less than a month later, a code was revealed that would let attackers run software code on the phone that is sent by SMS and allow them to monitor the location of the phone using GPS, turn on the phone’s microphone to eavesdrop on conversations, or make the phone join a distributed denial of service attack or a botnet.   Sigh.

And, of course, when you combine the above with the statement I made about "Steal a Phone, get a CAR!”, just imagine what can happen now….

So, Apple, it is nice that you put an encryption chip in the phone.  But without proper testing and validation, what you get is this (from The Register): 

"A researcher has delved into the encryption used to protect content on the iPhone 3GS, only to claim it is "entirely useless" and that he had "[never] seen encryption implemented so poorly before".

It is nice that you, Apple, spend time making sure that iTunes does not get "mis-used" by such "evil" devices as the Palm Pre.  But you are not going to be taken seriously by Corporate America until you show more attention to Risk and Security.   Now that over 40 million devices are there, you really should.

Better yet.  Contact me.  I will fix it for you.