RSA 2009 Summary

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I just returned from the RSA show in San Francisco.  While it was fun to see all my friends, to browse, and to meet new people, my general impression from the show this year are these:

1) Attendance is down.  I estimate 35% fewer people attended.

2) Old products without new tricks.  Only new names for old features such as the current days’ buzzwords

3) Current day buzzwords:  PCI, UTM, and….CLOUD

4) We (the industry) have not yet defined what Cloud Computing IS.  How come there are “solutions”??

5) EMC acquired RSA.  Yes, we know.  How is EMC going to USE RSA?  Where is the strategic direction?  Where is the Synergy?

6) Kudos to one company that I believe is making a difference:  Triumphant (at )  (Full disclosure: I have NOTHING to do with them).  Practical, secure, apropo.

7) As Bill Brenner from CSO Magazine hints (at  RSA needs a new reson-det.  It has turned into a vendor-to-vendor party with some show in between.

8) A company I want to see at RSA, but didn’t:Quaresso



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