PCI DSS Wireless Analysis and Recommendations, Part 2

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As I said in Part I,   The PCI DSS Wireless Guidance document is filling out a very important need.  Today I will continue analyzing this Wireless Guidance document.  I will number them and ask that you refer to that number in your comments on my suggestions.  Remember – the goal is to help improve the document.


How to Improve on the PCI DSS Wireless Guidelines Document – Part II


A small matter, but (7) the definition of part B.,, whereby a hub switch or other network device …transmits cardholder data is not accurate.  Why don’t we define it, for these purpose, as a non-segmenting network device that can submit and receive data  Would that work better?  Leaving it as is breaks your demaraction example and your "directly" connected assumption.

A bigger problem appears with figure 3:


If you define the firewall as the Demarc point, as done above, and then try including a wireless access point "F" inside the perimeter, as drawn here, there is a danger of causing confusion about what is proper and what is right.  By marking the network device "B" as an Unrouted Switch (which I believe is done in order to parallel the picture above), a dangerous possibility of complete non-segmentation exists here.   Simply put: I believe it possible for an architect or non-security technologist to design to this diagram.  Why don’t we (8) display the right-and-proper way to do it instead?


Proper Architecture

Section 2.1.3 does provide a more appropriate segmentation of the network.  Placing any wireless access point on a different network is a proper way to do so, considering the business fact of "There is a different risk profile to wireless networks".   As I said before:


If there is no business reason to do it, don’t do it.


 More detail on the analysis of this paper will be next week, on Monday.

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Beginning next week I intend to make:

– all, of course, time allowing.





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