Open Letter to the PCI Council || Suggestions to Improve PCI DSS

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Dear Readers,

I sent this letter to the PCI Council three weeks ago to put in my two cents’ about improvement to PCI DSS.   Please let me know what you think:



Security Standards Council,

LLC 401 Edgewater Place Suite 600

Wakefield, MA USA 01880


                                                                                                 Thursday, August 27, 2009


Dear Council Members,

As we are within phase 2 of the PCI Lifecycle, please find below my suggestions to enhance PCI DSS version 1.2.  I would be willing to discuss further.


Suggestion 1: Create a new, technical, attachment to PCI DSS, and discuss elements from current PCI 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 10 and 11 in it.

Suggestion 2: Create TWO separate and distinct audit functions to PCI — a policy level function and a separate, technical audit function.

Suggestion 3: Rewrite these sections, within the proposed technical section, to clearly delineate that regular change control procedures apply here.

Suggestion 4: Rewrite sections to 2.2.1 et al to allow virtualization and cloud computing, as these are today’s and tomorrow’s computing realties.

Suggestion 5: Decide which rules apply to data preservation.   If that is too hard, require a development of a written program to define what is right for each organization and jurisditction

Suggestion 6: In the technical section (proposed above, #1), define cryptography better. style="">  Include a section on what is and what is not allowed; what are the minimum requirments; how to implement cryptography, and referehce the major laws governing Cryptographic usage.

Suggestion 7: Simply and clearly spell out Section 3.6.6 ("Split knowledge and establishment of dual control of cryptographic keys.").   What do you mean by split knowledge?   What by dual control?

Suggestion 8: Rewrite requirement four   (“") to be more technically correct and include it in the new, recommended (#1) technical section.   Further, I strongly suggest that ALL cardholder data be encrypted, whether at rest or on the move.

Suggestion 9: As I believe that any standard should be as open as possible, open “A passing scan has been performed by a PCI SSC Approved Scan Vendor”   to professionals not necessarily certified by the same body issuing the standard.   I know this is a money-making, or at least –recouping, mechanism for you.   Still, you should accept certifications like SANS’ GIAC-related, and others.



Thank you,

Ariel Silverstone, CISSP





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