Iran and the Internet: A Conversation With Ariel Silverstone

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On June 22nd, 2009, I met with WaySouth Media to talk about the ongoing Cyberwar in Iran and about related topics.   This is some of the video which resulted:

The after this interview took place, it was referred to by The Huffington Post’s Iran Blogger – Nico Pitney:


Nico Pitney
Nico Pitney

Iran Election Live-Blogging (Wednesday June 24)

8:26 AM ET — Celebrating the companies behind Iran’s tech censorship. A software developer named Jason argues against the grain: "With regards to surveillance technology being provided to Iran by Western companies… I think that the presence of any communication infrastructure far outweighs the negative aspect of forced controls placed on that infrastructure. If you own the wire, you own the data. Having said that, there are ways to protect data, and there are ways to attempt circumvention of the internet controls. Cheers to the companies who connected Iran to the rest of the world; I can’t imagine that the gov would’ve allowed it but for the ability to control it."

Update: Reader Grayson writes, "I just did an interview with an IT security expert (Atlanta area) who echoes the same sentiments expressed in your 8:26am post. Yes, selling surveillance tools to rogue governments is bad, but not as bad as people may think. Within most of these technologies are inherent ways for independent people to maneuver… as is the case in Iran…. Here’s Ariel Silverstone on Iran and the internet. Tons of good info here that the, er, common reader can comprehend."


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