Vendors’ Sentiments

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“Ariel was a client of mine while at Temple University. While at Temple, Ariel was instrumental in implementing security initiatives, and single handedly marshaled Temple into perhaps one of the most proactive AntiVirus customers I have had the pleasure of dealing with in the education vertical market."

– Raleigh Burns, Symantec


“I originally met Ariel while he was Director of Information – Security at Teleglobe in Virginia. Over the past several years our relationship has grown both professionally and personally. I have found Ariel to be an expert whose advice is sought after by others in the security vertical. More important, Ariel is man of integrity…a professional who tempers his action with wisdom."

– Ken Adams, National Sales Manager, Stonesoft, Interland


“Ariel has exceptional technical skills and the drive to accomplish difficult tasks."

– Larry Dietz, The Gardner Group and Symantec



“Ariel is a great source for consultation and contacts, he follows through with commitments. My experience with him has been all positive. Mr. Silverstone has introduced me to numerous people that have propelled my career."

– Pat McSherry, CavTel


“Ariel is a first rate security professional. His strategic advise and assistance have proved to be very helpful to Safend."

– Dor Skuler, Safend and General Manager, Alcatel-Lucent


“Mr. Silverstone is one of few true experts in the High Tech Industry. In his consulting career, he has written more than 25 high level networking and network security books- many which are likely to be in your technical library. His wisdom is matched by his professionalism and his ability to get the job done. I’d highly recommend Mr. Silverstone for any endeavor or job."

– Jessica L. Ralston, Allegant


“Ariel is a brilliant strategist and a pleasure to work with. He is both calculating and creative, traits that make him extremely effective at tackling complex problems in a rapidly changing environment. He has unmatched drive and dedication that make him a pleasure to support as a customer and would help him in any endeavor he seeks."

– Greg Katz, Microsoft


“I worked with Ariel while he was at Booz Allen to examine various homeland security issues – cyber security in particular. He was always a welcome and very informed voice in our issue discussions."

– Steve Ewell, Director, Business Executives for National Security


“I met Ariel at Teleglobe in 2001-2002 and again at Temple in 2003. As a vendor in both cases, I believe Ariel to be thorough, technically advanced and a tough negotiator – but fair. His understanding of security process is outstanding and he is on the cutting-edge of technology. I am impressed by his professionalism and technical knowledge."

– Louise Gaver, Ubizen



“Ariel was one of the first people I met when I entered the security industry 5 years ago, and I have relied on him as a mentor throughout that time. He is well respected in the electronic security industry and is always able to answer any question I have, related to emerging technologies. Besides being a professional friend, I am proud to also have him as a personal friend."

– Danielle Cosgrove, Baltimore Systems and KPMG


“Ariel is a person who sees and understands the big picture of how current technology fits together with the next generation. Considering both business and technical aspects, his perspective is very valuable; personally and professionally.”

– Ben Schultz, Universtiy of New Hampshire Interoperability Lab


“Ariel is very professional and his talents allow him to bring much to his company and its initiatives."

– Bryn Palena, ChoicePoint