Peers’ View

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“Ariel has keen insights, honed over many years in business. My experience with him has revealed a breadth of knowledge, and a lot of energy. Ariel is definitely someone who gets things done!

– Eugene (Spaf) Spafford, Legendary Security Mentor and Professor and Executive Director at Purdue University CERIAS


“Ariel is an exceptional security professional with deep understanding of the technologies that supporting security, the environments being secured and the processes needed to deploy manage resources and systems securely.”

– Steve Orrin, Chief Technology Officer, Intel


“Ariel is one of the few C-level security professionals who really gets it: security is about business risk management. Were we not separated by great physical distance, I would enjoy working day to day with Ariel. He is an active contributor to the security community at medium.”

– Peter Gregory, Ensurity


“Ariel is a respected c-level executive with extensive experience in information technology and information security. Those who know him benefit from his counsel”

– Jaime Chanaga, CISO, Geisinger Health System


“I met Ariel when he was at BCE Teleglobe in 2001. Ariel has an analytical mind, and excels at solving business problems. I’ve been impressed by his understanding of the industry, and his ability to think strategically.”

– Jeremy Epstein, Senior Director, webMethods


“Ariel is a dedicated security professional who definitely treats security like a passion, not just a job.”

– Anton Chuvakin, Director, Qualys and Author