Business Executives’ Comments

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"Ariel and I have worked together on several security-related projects. He is a very captivating speaker with in-depth knowledge on a broad spectrum of IT and enterprise-wide security issues. He also has done writing for several of our publications. He is a great resource for our company."

– Steve Lasky, Editor in Chief, Security Technology and Design Magazine


"Ariel is a very talented professional and IT executive, who is trusted, respected, and many of us have benefited from his counsel and friendship."

– Jaime Chanaga, VP,Computer Associates and CEO, CSO Board


"It was a real joy to meet Ariel in the fall of 2004 when we shared in a panel discussion. His combination of broad and deep knowledge and his insights into the thoeretical and practical aspects of information security were the highpoint of the presentation. He has since remained a valued business associate and friend."

– Jim Miles, CSO, Interland


"Ariel Silverstone is one of the most well versed & knowledgeable individuals on Internet security & technology that I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. Not only is he internationally known and published, but he has a great sense of humor and makes those less versed feel very comfortable. I am very fortunate to have crossed paths with Ariel, and now consider him a great resource and friend."

– Christopher Duffy, Pierce College



"Ariel is an outstanding security expert with strong vision and leadership. Ariel’s knowledge in IT and security technologies and architecture is extremely broad, and working with him is an enlightening experience."

– Gil Sever, CEO, Safend


"Ariel has a deep understanding of network security and a great vision of where the industry is going."

Chris Klaus, Founder, Internet Security Systems (ISS, now an IBM Company), and CEO, Kaneva


“Very solid performer with exceptional reputation. Pleasure to work with!”

– Tsvi Gal, CIO, Time Warner Group and Deutsch Bank


“Ariel has the rare combination of really understanding business, technology and people. His in depth knowledge and connections in the security industry makes him a great partner to bounce ideas with. I always benefit from hearing his insightful view points.”

– Asaf Greiner, CEO, BeeFence