Coworkers and Employees

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"My endorsement is best summarized: 1) Great mentor 2) Listens to ideas 3) Embraces change 4) Is a change agent — Ariel was highly effective in his position and was not afraid to leverage constrained resources in order to meet his goals. I believe he achieved all his major goals for Temple – or at the very least brought them to a point of maturity for handoff."

– Bobby Edamala, Temple University


"Temple University’s computing was immeasurably enhanced when Ariel was hired. He provided guidance and support for Lab computing (my area) that gave us not just security, but confidence in what we do. That is above and beyond the vast network security improvements and antivirus initiative."

– Gene Mayro, Temple University


"Ariel is a highly effective motivator of people, an excellent leader, and has a technical savvy that is refreshing to find in senior management. I have witnessed Ariel "take charge" in crisis situations. His leadership and decisiveness are much appreciated."

– Jeremy Shafer, Temple University