What Colleagues Say About Me

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"I worked with Ariel on several projects. For projects that others owned on which he collaborated, his comments and guidance were always thoughtful, direct, and frequently represented a unique perspective. On projects that he owned, his work was thorough, technically sound, well-organized, and it recognized business realities."

– Don Brinkley, Veritas Software

"Ariel came to Symantec with a wealth of experience in computer security. He and I worked on security standards and product certification issues together. He impresses me with his understanding for security issues and his vast network of contacts in the security world."

– Wes Higaki, Symantec

"Ariel is highly technically competent. He is able to understand very complex technology and political situations and formulate an effective action plan to address the concerns of all the major stakeholders."

– Larry Dietz, Symantec

"Ariel’s broad experience in the field of security made him a valuable asset in crafting and implementing security policy within our organization. Ariel was particularly helpful to my department in that he would always take the time to explain his policies and work to ensure that policies were met, users and administrators were educated, and our applications and servers were always secure."

– Ben Cardell, Temple University

"Ariel and I worked directly on several critical network security assignments. He demonstrated great initiative with regard to the implementation of numerous University projects related to security and technical operations, and is extremely responsive to meeting deadlines."

– Susan Hyer, Temple University

“I have known Ariel since working with him at Global Integrity. His vast knowledge of the security space coupled with his understanding of business values provides him with a unique perspective in addressing today’s InfoSec challenges. Ariel’s ability to find the right blend of security and business value is a tremendous asset.”

– John J. Masserini, CISO at Dow Jones

“I had the chance to work with Ariel in the area of government standards. He is hard working, with a good understanding of technology and European affairs. He is cooperative, reliable and a team player.”

– Ilias Chantzos, Symantec