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Ariel Silverstone

Senior Security Executive

     Ariel Silverstone has been addressing business information privacy, security and risk challenges for over 20 years.  As a designer of information privacy and security processes and policies to address the most demanding challenges in the field, he is a pioneer in information security strategy and engineering, business risk, and management solutions.  His specialties include privacy, mobility, information risk, compliance and cloud computing security.   

Mr. Silverstone created the current Cloud Computing security strategy plans, revolving around risk and compliance, and authored the global client Chief Information Security Officer Council strategy and communication around risk, compliance, incident response and cloud security for Microsoft.

     For Cisco Systems, Mr. Silverstone acted as the chief trusted security adviser with its largest customers, allowing Cisco to address business-effecting information security issues and support its customers in topics ranging from new business launching to incidence response.   Mr. Silverstone also planned and established the Israeli Center of Excellence for information security, including: government interfacing, business development, academic outreach, recruiting, hiring, training and facility selection, research and development assignment and supervision, budget development and delivery of consulting services

     Mr. Silverstone has led information security efforts for a number of companies including Microsoft, Cisco, Expedia, and Symantec.  He is a frequent speaker at industry events on the topics of security management, business risk and compliance issues. He writes a regular column for CIO Magazine, and he has been quoted in The Wall Street Journal, BusinessWeek, CSO Magazine, ComputerWorld and other leading publications. He consults and trains security professionals, and he has authored and contributed to over 20 books  and dozens of magazines, electronic publications, and high-profile research papers, which have been published around the world. He is a frequent contributor to standards bodies and co-authored the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) guide to security of the Smart Grid.

      Mr. Silverstone was recently nominated for “Information Security Executive of the Year” for North America by TEN, to a Fellowship of the Information Systems Security Association, and twice on Computerworld’s “Premier 100 in IT” list.   He holds a US Patent covering topics in Cloud Computing and Information Management (ITIL/ITSM) and eight other pending patents.