PCI Compliance Related Articles List

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  1. CSO Magazine, “Where PCI DSS Falls Short and How to Make it Better”, April 2009 — Writer.
    • Translated to Mandarin Chinese as “PCI DSS Needs Solutions”  “(PCI DSS的不足以及解决方案)”, May 2009, ChinaByte.
    • Mandarin Chinese translation repeated by Top Point China and CTO CIO China.
    • Repeated by CIO Magazine USA, ComputerWorld, InfoWorld, The Industry Standard, IT World, CIO Magazine Germany, Linux World, NetworkWorld.
  2. Beyond The Imagination, Brazil, “PCI DSS Defects and How to Improve It” “(Onde o PCI-DSS Tem Defeitos e Como Melhorá-lo)", 30 April 2009 – Featured Expert.
  3. Cyber Security Institute, “PCI Security [an] Associated Press Investigation”, June 26, 2009 – Quoted Expert.
  4. Technology Association of Georgia, Atlanta, Georgia,  “What Social Media Means to the Enterprise” – Presenter.
  5. Information Security Executive of The Year, Atlanta, Georgia, "Building a Secure Software Testing Lifecycle” – Presenter.
  6. Fortify WWSM, Miami, Florida, "The Value of Information Assurance Program" – Panelist.
  7. Third Annual Information Security Summit, Los Angeles, California, "Application Security in the Real World" – Panelist.
  8. The Fifth Annual Security Confab, Monterey, California, "Software Assurance in The Real World" – Presenter.



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