General Security Keynotes, Speeches and Presentations

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  • High-Tech Crime Investigators Association, Atlanta, Georgia, "Introduction to ISO 27001", Presenter.
  • The Gartner Group eSecurity Conference, Saõ Paulo, Brazil, "Why Firewalls are Not Enough", Presenter.
  • The World Bank, Washington, DC, "Principles and Benefits of Biometric Devices", Presenter.
  • EduCAUSE, Denver, Colorado, "Patch Management in Academe – Getting the Distributed United", Half Day Track Presenter.
  • Security and Leadership Council, Atlanta, Georgia, "Are You Patch Compliant?", The Role of Patch Management in Meeting Regulations, Panel Member.
  • SecureWorld, Atlanta, Georgia, "Security Score Cards and Dashboards", Presenter and Panel Member.
  • ComputerWorld Premier 100 in IT, Scottsdale, Arizona, Host.
  • CIO 100, San Diego, California, "Trojan Tales", Presenter and host.
  • CSO Interchange, Chicago, Illinois,  Invited Participant.
  • Atlanta Telecom Professionals, Atlanta, Georgia, "The New Role of Security", Panel Member.
  • SecureWorld, Seattle, Washington, "The State of Patch Management", Panel Member. 
  • Temple University Center for Research in Human Development and Education, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Speaker.
  • Techlinks, Atlanta, Georgia, "Security eRoundtable" — Roundtable Member.
  • Forum on IT Security and Governance, Toronto, Ontario, Canada,  "Effectively Responding to the Countless Internet Threats – Is it Possible?" – Presenter.
  • SANS, Monterey, California, "Smartcards, the Road Ahead",Presenter.
  • Montgomery College, Washington, DC, "Introduction to Information Security", Presenter and Guest Lecturer.
  • Kennesaw State University, Kennesaw, Georgia, "Security Awareness" – Presenter.
  • High-Tech Crime Investigators Association, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, "Internet Security Threat Report", Presenter.
  • Business Marketing Association, Atlanta, Georgia, "Practical Steps to Securing Your Company", Presenter.
  • CIO Forum, Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, "The Internet Security Threat Report and What is Coming Down the Pike", Presenter.
  • Florida Digital Government Summit, Tallahassee, Florida, "The Value of Proactive Security", Presenter and Host.
  • KABA / ILCO Annual Summit, Atlanta, Georgia, "Information and Physical Security Convergence", Presenter.
  • Technology Association of Georgia, Atlanta, Georgia,  “What Social Media Means to the Enterprise” – Presenter.
  • Information Security Executive of The Year, Atlanta, Georgia, "Building a Secure Software Testing Lifecycle” – Presenter.
  • DatacenterDynamics 2011, Seattle, Washington, "Look Before You Leap: Understanding the Decision that Go Into Successful Cloud Adoption" – Presenter.




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