General Security Article List

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  1. CSO Magazine, “Undercover”, 2009 – Author.
  2. IEEE Security & Privacy Magazine, "The Economics of Click Fraud", August 2009 – Technical Reviewer
  3. CSO Online, “5 Steps to Secure a New PC”, June 29, 2009 – Quoted Expert.
    • Repeated by CSO Magazine Australia, Computerworld Hong Kong.
  4. CSO Online, "The Biggest Hole" (praising the value of users), August 2009 — Writer.
  5. CIO Online, "Face It! – the Risk of Biometrics", August 2009 – Writer.
  6. SC Magazine, “Civilians Cyberattacked Georgia in 2008 War”, August 2009 – Quoted Expert.
    • Repeated by Bay Area News Zone, SC Magazine Australia
  7. CSO Magazine, “Where Defense in Depth Falls Short”, October 2009, Author.
    • Repeated by CIO Magazine USA, The Industry Standard, Tech Blips, ComputerWorld Norway, InfoWorld, ComputerWorld USA, CIO Magazine Australia, ComputerWorld Hong Kong, CSO Magazine Australia, IT World.



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